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From The Founder

Diamondback Abrasive was founded with the belief that “service” was worth something. 

We identified the connection between turnaround time, performance, and working capital, your working capital.  We noticed that the purchasing activities surrounding the purchase of plated grinding wheels was one of the most complicated activities in MRO departments: i.e. buying, inventorying, using, returning, receiving, and tracking.  Do you really have the time and money to pay employees to manage this process?

While others in this industry were busy selling you too many grinding wheels, we went to work refining and streamlining our processes so that we could deliver high quality Stripped and Replated grinding wheels in less than a quarter of the industry average time.

As our customers know, reducing turnaround time compresses the entire process of returning grinding wheels to your shop. Think about it – reduce the turnaround time by half, and you need 50% of the grinding wheels.  Reduce it by 75%, and you need 25% of the grinding wheels.


Streamlining this process for our customers has led to 75% fewer wheels in the system, 75% fewer headaches…basically 75% less noise in the system.  Best of all, at new wheel prices of $500 to $1500, that’s 75% LESS of your money tied up sitting in your tool crib…on the way to or from your grinding wheel supplier.

Most of our current customers began by offering us a portion of their grinding wheel business.  Six months to a year after working with them, we returned with the data showing their turnaround time…on their own wheels.


If you are just looking for grinding wheels, there are plenty of suppliers out there.  We want to partner with you to be more than just your supplier. But what does this actually mean?

It means setting the industry gold standard by offering turnaround times you can set your watch to.  To us, it means tracking our turnaround time on a weekly basis, right here.  It means when you’re in a rush to get a job done, we’re in a bigger rush to get you the tools you need.

- Stephen Lionas

Current Strip & Replate Time: 

5.44 Days

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