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Our electroplated diamond & CBN grinding wheels consist of a single layer of abrasive bonded to a precision-machined steel blank by a coating of nickel plating.  Roughly half of every piece of abrasive on a plated wheel is left exposed. This makes plated wheels some of the most aggressive, free-cutting wheels available. Enhanced grinding performance combined with longer wheel-life and precise form-holding characteristics make for a smoother, more productive workflow and a superior finished product.

Strip And Replate

​The Strip & Replate process is a cost-effective way to save our customers time and money.  The used tool is “stripped” of the remaining abrasive material, then replated with a fresh application of Diamond or CBN.  Diamondback will provide this service regardless of the source of the blank.

In contrast to conventional grinding tools, replating allows for the tool to be re-used almost indefinitely. This feature, combined with Diamondback's competitive turnaround time, represents massive savings in both time and money.


New Tool Manufacturing

​Diamondback Abrasive specializes in the manufacturing of high quality, custom-formed grinding wheels for a wide variety of industries and applications.  New wheel “blanks” are manufactured to your specifications and tolerances using precision turning, machining, and grinding operations.


Tight-Tolerance, Custom Forms​​

From start to finish, simple or complex; plated wheels take and hold precise forms throughout their long working life.

Free-Cutting Performance

High material removal rates, lower power requirements, reduced heat & thermal damage to the work piece.

Reusability=Reduced Cost

Our strip & replate program will help you get the most out of your wheels, reduce your scrap, and nearly eliminate your need for replacement tooling.

Less Downtime

Cut down on time and money spent on tool changes, dressing, and dialing in offsets.

Applications include:

  • Form Grinding

  • Creep Feed

  • ID & OD

  • Centerless

  • Snagging

  • Cutoff

Processed Materials include:

CBN grinding:

  • High-speed tool steels

  • Die steels

  • Nickel-based superalloys

  • Cobalt-based superalloys

  • Hardened carbon steels

  • Hardened stainless steels

  • Titanium

Diamond grinding:

  • Cemented carbide

  • Glass

  • Engineered ceramics

  • Ductile & cast iron

  • Carbon

  • Abrasives

  • Fiberglass

  • Plastics & composites

Current Strip & Replate Time: 

8.33 Days

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