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Turnaround Time

There's a reason why Diamondback Abrasive has been the industry leader in turnaround time for stripped and replated products for over 20 years.  Faster turnaround times mean fewer tools sitting on your shelves and less of your working capital tied up in your inventory. 

Our average turnaround time is updated weekly. You can view it here, or in the tracker at the top of the page.

Current Strip and Replate
Turnaround Time - 6.73 Days

Inventory Management

Our goal is simple - reduce your tool inventory and the working capital tied up in it.

This may sound odd coming from an abrasive supplier, but we understand the correlation between turnaround time, inventory, and your dollars. We track wheels through grinding, replating, and transit to ensure a steady stream of wheels to and from your shop. When you pull a spent wheel there's a fresh one ready to go.​


Grinding Optimization

Our skilled engineers will assist you in pairing your wheel with the abrasive type that has the cutting and wearing properties to best suit your grinding environment. We also offer post-grinding analysis of wheels, which helps our customers track the life and performance of their wheels. 

Current Strip & Replate Time: 

6.73 Days

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