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to Quality:

At Diamondback, we aim to deliver plated tools made to the highest possible standards of quality, precision, and performance. Newly manufactured and stripped & replated wheels are rigorously inspected at every stage of production to ensure that the tool you receive meets your specifications.


New Tool Manufacturing

The engineers responsible for creating our blanks have years of experience and expertise in both grinding and grinding wheel production. Each wheel blank must pass a multi-stage inspection process before and after plating.  Finished form wheel profiles are inspected and certified prior to shipping.  Carbon coupons are available upon request.

Strip & Replate

We can work with you to set parameters for wear and damage to your wheels, and repair or replace them if damage exceeds your limits.  Wheel blank condition is carefully monitored to ensure your tools remain in working order.  Abrasive type, size, and bond encapsulation can be tailored to your specific application and environment. Plated surfaces are inspected under high magnification to ensure a tough, durable bond with maximum exposed abrasive.

Current Strip & Replate Time: 

5.44 Days

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